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Technical Skills Development Business Opportunity:

In today’s competitive world, finding a good technical job has become a back-breaking task. Employers nowadays don’t hire someone only based on a degree; they want to see relevant skills in a prospective employee for specialized jobs.

Our education system focused more on rote learning and less on developing technical skills. This has resulted in a lower percentage of people who are formally ready for technical jobs. Moreover, the gap between formal education and industry expectation has led to a huge skill gap. 

We can help you give your students/Staff members the best opportunities to develop their IT skills wherever they are. It won’t matter whether they’re with you in the classroom, Office or learning from home. 

We partner with the industry’s leading publishers and online learning providers who add our courses, labs, and full tech programs to their training content to offer their customers, and employees hands-on experience.


Say goodbye to stressful training, and let JSSLMS streamline how you assign, deliver, track, and report on student training.

Hands-on Solution

• Best in class live Practice Labs that can be easily aligned with your course content

• Acts as a ‘virtual IT internship’ for your students, allowing them to gain valuable work experience

• 100+ Practice Lab to choose from, covering critical topics from leading vendors such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and VMware

• 24/7 access via web browser

• Gives your students access to the latest devices, hardware and software – regardless of the age of the physical equipment they are using

• Cybersecurity titles, include Red Team | Blue Team fundamentals to prepare your students for Capture the Flag events using cyber ranges

• Easy to follow, step-by-step instruction, reinforced by a variety of test types: text based; live questions; and performance-based testing – embedding learning by challenging your students to problem-solve themselves

Content Library

• Assign JSS courses or create your own content – Unlimited Courses, Unlimited Users

• Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts

• Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts

• Upon completion of a course, students can earn a certificate of completion from JSS or your company

• The immersive demonstrations in our training are a way for the instructor to present how to perform a task on-screen in front of the student

• We never stop creating, adding, and retiring content, keeping our library in tip top shape

• Increase learning retention with our custom roadmap features 

• Make our courses fit your specific needs, with simple tools for customizing our off-the-shelf content


• JSSLMS was built to deliver learning experiences students love, which is why our content library always comes hand-in-hand with our platform

• Track the status of assignments and prove completion of compliance training with the easy-to-understand reports and insights in JSSLMS

• With JSSLMS, your students or staff members can easily see where they’re at with completing training assignments, and decide what they’ll learn next from recommended content, advanced search and filtering, and curated roadmaps

• JSS allows trainers or managers to review learner performance with our powerful reporting tools Trainers can use these reports to identify student strengths and weaknesses and improve their overall learning

• Customizing support for special projects

• Chat, Email, and Phone Support